One-Line Bio

Bob Lancaster is the founder of Infusion Logic, LLC and the creator of the patented software system called calc{list}®.


My field of expertise is technology. I enjoy and have spent many years helping experts, like you, use technology to accomplish the tasks they are asked to deliver each day.

On the technical side I have been a software developer, designer and project manager; and on the business side an IT director, technology consultant and business owner. I began my professional career as the first personal computers were introduced to the business world. Yes, I’m that old!

I’m one of those closet geeks that likes to be the first to understand a new technology and help others benefit from it. My years in the industry have taught me the rewards and perils of technology implementation which makes me keenly aware of the challenges that you face.

In this blog I will show you practical ways to take advantage of a totally new technology called calc{list}. Several years ago I realized the huge untapped potential that exists in our everyday contacts. Contacts have many more uses than just being part of our address book or a static marketing list of potential customers. Calc{list} was born from this realization.

A calc{list} is simply a list of contacts with a title assigned. The list of contacts can also contain other lists of contacts (nesting) which will “calculate” to a final list of contacts. The final calculated list of contacts never contains duplicate contacts. That’s it! Simple but powerful.

I know, I know, that explanation probably didn’t give you that “EUREKA!” moment. Don’t worry, you’ll find that moment in this blog.

I need your participation too! I want to hear your ideas, questions and success stories. I’ll be happy to describe how calc{list} can solve your problem or fill your particular needs.