Calc{list} Named as a Top App for Constant Contact Integration

Constant Contact® Developer Challenge was a big hit!

Developers from across the world submitted dozens of cool, innovative applications that work with Constant Contact’s online marketing services. The competition was divided into three categories, Social Media, Mobile and Contact Management with Kwanzoo taking the grand prize of $15,000.

Bob Lancaster of Infusion Logic, LLC said “It was particularly exciting to be a winner because calc{list} is the first email list manager of its kind. We are focused on making it easy to manage the contact lists themselves. Email service providers just don’t provide small businesses with smart list management tools.”

He also sights that “58% of people surveyed said they unsubscribe or delete email due to a lack of relevance. You can have the flashiest email in the world but if you haven’t targeted your message properly with good list segmentation it will fall flat.”

Calc{list}® captured third prize in the contact management category with their unique calculating lists. It’s easy-to-use analytics tools makes complicated list management features simple in a fun, graphical way. With the Constant Contact integration, you can import all your lists and reporting data to create valuable, focused email lists. It helps you get the most out of all the valuable information in your Constant Contact account.

Check out the winners in MarketPlace, an online resource for trusted apps and services that complement and integrate with Constant Contact products.

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