{ 10 Simple Holiday Email Marketing Questions }

I came across a great blog post by Kristen Gregory with Bronto “Simple Questions to Shape Your Holiday Marketing Plans”. She has compiled some great links and combined them with pertinent questions that may help your holiday campaigns.

One thing that struck me was that a holiday planning post should probably proceed the holiday by a least a month or more, which makes this post late too. But there are some last minute take-aways you may be able to use and some lessons to be learned.

Expanding upon Kristen’s 10 questions, I think it is important to note that 4 of the questions are related to better targeting and list segmentation.

1. What did you do last year that worked and is worth repeating? What failed?

Although this is a broad question, I think a serious review of your email results during the period is crucial. This is why I stress the importance of capturing the Three Core Lists (TCL) for each of your campaign emails and storing them for future use.

2. When/how often do you plan on sending your emails?

Part of Kristen’s answer includes better targeting. This is basic list segmentation. But savvy marketers go beyond simple demographics like age, gender and zip code into persona types. Persona marketing is about truly understanding the targets perspectives and influences.

5. What different angles/navigation paths can you use to highlight gifts and make decisions easier,  such as featuring gifts by recipient type…

This question also speaks to the importance of persona marketing. Organizing, segmenting and maintaining your lists is important for future campaigns. With practice you can combine a multitude of lists for specific personas and customize emails for these groups within a single campaign.

6. Can you send some targeted promotions based on past purchases?

Great idea! Be sure to capture the Three Core Lists (see above) so you can create promotions targeted for people that like jellybeans and popcorn but don’t like peanut brittle. This is just another example of leveraging your email lists.

Ultimately I think Kristen’s post is worth reviewing before every email campaign. They’re great tips to keep in mind.

My perspective is that there is so much more that can be done to better target our customers. Email list management is too important to be left to simple spreadsheets or email service providers. Your lists are one of your company’s greatest assets. Shouldn’t you treat them that way?

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