Ready… FIRE! #3 { There’ll be no targets missed on my watch! }


target_hit(Part 1, 2)

So, our goal now is to create two lists, one that targets only the 70% who love jellybeans and another for the 30% who hate jellybeans.

First we’re going to build the {Jellybean Haters} list. We’ll start by importing the contacts that opened the original email into a list called {Opened Jellybeans Promo}. Then we’ll create a new list called {Jellybean Haters} and drag/drop the original {Jellybeans Promo} list and the {Opened Jellybeans Promo} list into it.

Next, here comes the calculating list magic, we will mark the {Opened Jellybeans Promo} list with the “Remove” icon. When we calculate the {Jellybean Haters} list it will include all the people that got the original email but subtract out or remove the people who opened the original email. This leaves us with our jellybean haters!

Ok, that’s a lot to read but here is the shorthand:

{Jellybean Haters} = {Jellybeans Promo} minus {Opened Jellybeans Promo}


{Jellybean Haters}
      {Jellybeans Promo}
   – {Opened Jellybeans Promo}

As soon as we create our {Jellybean Follow-Up} list (see below) we are ready to send out our “targeted” follow-up email.

{Jellybean Follow-Up}
      {Jellybeans Promo}
   – {Jellybean Haters} 

Now, now, what do we do with those pesky {Jellybean Haters}? Simple, we’ll just drop them into our {Nut-n-But Brittle Promo} list. After all they did “Opt-In” to our mailing list so they must love some kind of candy.

Hey, maybe I should send out a survey to find out what people like. Yeah, I’ll start with the {Jellybean Haters}…

In reality all these lists could be set up and working in about tem minutes. It’s that easy. Our example has shown just a small sample of what you can do with calculating lists but I’m sure you already see their potential.

Ultimately it’s all about getting relevant content to your targeted audience. So let calc{list} take the pain out of campaign AIM!

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