Ready… FIRE! #2 { Oh, you found Persona lists to help your AIM }


persona_three_lists(Part 1)

At this point let’s assume that we have done our due diligence and developed personas for various customer types.

Now we will create lists with names that match our personas and enter the appropriate contacts into those lists. Typically these contacts are imported from the email marketing system or other sources like MS Outlook, etc.

For those who are unfamiliar with a calc{list} list, it is simply a list of contacts with a title assigned. The list of contacts can also contain other lists of contacts (nesting) which will “calculate” to a final list of contacts. The final calculated list of contacts never contains duplicate contacts. (more…)

Let’s make our example company a candy store and we’ll assume we have a list of customers that have joined our mailing list. We want to promote our new jellybean line with a series of emails.

First we create a list in calc{list} called {Jellybeans Promo}. It will be the list of contacts that we send our “Look at our new Jellybeans!” promotional email. Now we will place some of our other lists inside {Jellybeans Promo}.

We’ll drag and drop our persona lists {New Mailing List Members}, {Chewy Candy Lovers} and {Jellybean Customers} into {Jellybeans Promo}. Then calculate the list and we now have the list of contacts we will send our promotion to. Super easy!

After sending our promotional email we had about a 70% open rate, great! So we want to follow up our first email with a second email. But this is where we could go horribly wrong!

Just blasting the second email to the same contacts in the {Jellybeans Promo} list ignores the fact that 30% of these people are not interested in jellybeans. It’s time to add a branch to our campaign and send relative content to each group.

In Part 3 of this series we will conclude our example and explore how calc{list} helps you branch your campaigns for better target marketing.

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