Ready… FIRE! { Oops, your email marketing campaign forgot to AIM }


target_missedYep, forgetting to aim can cause you to shoot yourself in the foot. It’s easy to get caught up in the technology features of email marketing systems like Constant Contact® and iContact®.

Sure, they make it real easy to send professional emails, newsletters and surveys but this can distract you from focusing on the real needs of your customers or prospects.

Ardath Albee a well known B2B Marketing Strategist (with whom I’ve had the pleasure of exchanging emails) gave a great example of an email campaign going nowhere in her blog titled “Don’t speak AT me, speak WITH me.”

In a B2B world, often it’s more like this:

  • I send you an email to tell you about my latest white paper.
  • You download the white paper.
  • I follow up with a sales pitch.
  • You ignore me.
  • Next month I send an email to inform you of a product launch.
  • You don’t open it.
  • Then I send you an invitation to a webinar about some benefit that the new product we launched can deliver. You know, the product launch you didn’t show any interest in.
  • You ignore that too.
  • So, I send you our company newsletter about our new office building and a customer success story about a company you can’t even relate to.
  • Say what? You’re still not speaking with me?

 Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

I had to laugh when I read this tale of horror. I’ve been on the receiving end of that scenario many times. I’m sure your campaigns have never been like this… Or have they?

If they have, Ardath and others recommend that you try to engage and nurture your customers with targeted relevant content.

This is where developing customer personas and segmenting your contact list becomes so important. Organizing your contacts into many different persona lists will help you understand who your customers and prospects are and help you create relevant targeted email campaigns.

It’s here at the contact list management point that you need to shift from your email marketing system to calc{list}®. Email marketing systems advertise list management as one of their features but in reality they offer little more than add, edit and delete capabilities (more here).

Calc{list}, on the other hand, uses unique calculating contact lists that will give you unprecedented control over all your email campaigns. In Part 2 of this series we will explore how you can improve your aim by leveraging persona lists with calc{list}.

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