Organize! { Three Core Lists Every Email Campaign Must Have }


After every email you send it is essential that you capture and evaluate to whom the emails where sent, who opened them and who didn’t open them. I call these the “Triple Core Lists” because these lists will help your follow-up emails offer greater value and relevance.

In short, you need to engage and nurture your customers with targeted relevant content. This means your campaign should branch or take more than one path based on how people respond to your original emails.

In this post I will review how to create and organize your Triple Core Lists for effective list management and improve your email marketing campaign performance. Please review the post “Ready… Fire!” for a full discussion on the importance of targeted email content and persona building.

We’ll begin our example with the assumption that we have an email that has already been sent. If you used calc{list} then rename the original list to {Sent}. If not, just import the recipients into a list called {Sent}.

For the second list you need to import the people who opened your email. We’ll call this list {Opened}. Now we have two out of three of our TCL by simply importing.

The third list {No Action} is important because we want to continue our campaign differently for those who did not respond to our first email.

Let’s put calc{list}’s calculating lists to work. Create a new list named {No Action}. Drag and drop both {Sent} and {Opened} into {No Action} and mark {Opened} to be Removed. Now calculate and we have the final TCL {No Action} that holds all the people that did not respond to our email!

Now we need a container list for our Triple Core Lists. Create a new list but this time create an “Outline” list which does NOT calculate contacts. It is used to store and organize other lists. Let’s name it  after the email we sent {Email #1 – All New!} and drag the TCL’s into it.

At this point we have successfully created our Triple Core Lists for our first email “All New!”. It was quick and easy. Remember we are capturing these lists so that we can use them anytime in the future to better target our marketing content.

Let’s add one additional list so we can organize and manage our entire campaign. We’ll create another outline list called {New Product Campaign} and place the {Email #1 – All New!} inside. So as our campaign progresses we will continue to add TCL for each email we send.

This last screen shot shows {Email #1 – All New!} in the expanded view. You can quickly open any of these lists with a simple double-click. Are you starting to see how we use calc{list} to not only capture and calculate email lists but also to organize all the lists that we need to manage?

In Part 2 of our post we will examine how to use the Triple Core Lists to send out our next New Product campaign emails. Can you guess what we’ll do next? Hint: Take a branch of history…


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