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chimpEmail marketing has come a long way over the last few years. Gone are the days when a business could just purchase a list of contacts and blast their sales pitch to everyone.

Sending any unsolicited email today gets you quickly labeled as a spammer. It’s not just about sending thousands of emails anymore. If you send me a sales pitch that I didn’t ask for, you’re considered a spammer. It seems a little harsh but it’s part of a backlash from overcrowded in-boxes stuffed with irrelevant messages.

Today growing and managing your contact lists is more important than ever because email marketing is still one of the most cost effective ways to contact prospects and customers. So how do we build great contact lists?

To the rescue comes the new breed of “Opt-In” email marketing services like iContact®, Constant Contact® and MailChimp®; and an entirely new way to manage contact lists called calc{list}®.

Permission-based or opt-in email marketing starts by collecting contacts that have requested to be on your mailing list. All of the email marketing services make it easy to create opt-in links on your website, newsletters, blogs, etc.

The important thing is to engage your prospects with content that is meaningful to them. Help them solve a problem. Give them insights that help them run their business better. Your email list will grow the more you engage your audience.

Once you have collected your contacts it is important to segment your contacts into various lists for highly targeted email marketing campaigns. It goes back to the meaningful message to a particular group. This is where calc{list}’s contact list management comes in.

Calc{list} makes it easy to capture, categorize and combine your contacts into an unlimited number of lists that you can synchronize with your favorite email system.  It even has ways to automate the management of your lists.

Every great email campaign starts with a well targeted permission-based contact list. Use an email marketing service combined with good contact list management and you’ll look much better than a cute Chimp!

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