Calc{list} Named as a Top App for Constant Contact Integration

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Constant Contact® Developer Challenge was a big hit!

Developers from across the world submitted dozens of cool, innovative applications that work with Constant Contact’s online marketing services. The competition was divided into three categories, Social Media, Mobile and Contact Management with Kwanzoo taking the grand prize of $15,000.

Bob Lancaster of Infusion Logic, LLC said “It was particularly exciting to be a winner because calc{list} is the first email list manager of its kind. We are focused on making it easy to manage the contact lists themselves. Email service providers just don’t provide small businesses with smart list management tools.”

He also sights that “58% of people surveyed said they unsubscribe or delete email due to a lack of relevance. You can have the flashiest email in the world but if you haven’t targeted your message properly with good list segmentation it will fall flat.”

Calc{list}® captured third prize in the contact management category with their unique calculating lists. It’s easy-to-use analytics tools makes complicated list management features simple in a fun, graphical way. With the Constant Contact integration, you can import all your lists and reporting data to create valuable, focused email lists. It helps you get the most out of all the valuable information in your Constant Contact account.

Check out the winners in MarketPlace, an online resource for trusted apps and services that complement and integrate with Constant Contact products.

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Send Your Marketing Content to Med School (Ardath Albee)

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Much too often I hear B2B marketers say that their prospects already know they need the solutions their company sells. Quite frankly, if every prospect in your database isn’t beating a path to your door-check in hand-this belief is a costly delusion.

Face facts. You know too much.

Just as you know all the reasons why purchasing your solution should be a no-brainer, that without your solution, your prospects will struggle longer and unnecessarily to attain the business objectives they desire, they don’t see it that way.

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On Hold

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No B2B Messaging Should Be Overlooked

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I’ll bet all of us have received the “do not reply” email. The one that gets sent based on a trigger asking you to do something, but only if you do so by following their process. The messaging is along the lines of – Click the link now if you want to talk to us in our structured way, but don’t reply because we won’t answer you.

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{ Workflow made simple }

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See how you can use workflow to increase your personal productivity and quickly automate your entire team. Video shows HR, Office and IT managers in action.

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Building Your Subscribers’ Profiles

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As email marketers, we often hear the answer “it depends” to all of our email marketing questions. That is not the case with segmentation. Segmentation works. And it works because it moves you from 1-to-many push messaging closer to a 1-to-1 conversation.

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An Email Marketing Upgrade for 2010. Are You In?

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Fact is that most email marketing programs don’t work as well as they could, and many leave significant revenue on the table. Even simple segmentation can boost campaign results by 150% or more, in my experience.

If there is a lack of targeting or too frequent mailings we have churn, subscriber fatigue, missed results, higher complaints, lower inbox placement, and slumped LTV. With a thoughtful, subscriber-centric content and contact strategy, we earn more sales and revenue, higher short term and long term response and value, stronger subscriber satisfaction and improved word of mouth.

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Five Keys For Creating Viral YouTube Titles

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Every YouTube video resides on its own page and has a unique URL. YouTube creates HTML meta tags for each of these video view pages based on different page elements.

The title of the video becomes the title tag, the description becomes the meta description tag, and the YouTube tags become the meta keywords tag (never mind that this tag is ignored by most search engines).

Therefore, writing a good title can vastly affect your video’s click-through from both YouTube and from non-video SERPs.

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More than Two-Way Dialogue

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The prevalent consensus about the evolution of B2B marketing is that we need to motivate two-way interactions. But I say that’s stopping short.

If you’re only focused on designing your marketing content to make an isolated connection with a specific persona, you’re not stretching your content strategy far enough.

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The Basics’ May Be Enough To Make You Great

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Taking your business from good to great to remarkable can seem a daunting task. But, it may be easier than you think.

Breaking it down to basics, you’ll realize customers are looking for:

. The product/service they want,

. with the right performance/quality,

. in an environment they expect,

. in a convenient location,

. supported with the right level of service, and

. with good value for the money.

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